Will Switzerland’s Central Bank Tokenized Stock Be Traded on Ethereum?

swiss national bank

The central bank of Switzerland is very uniquely tradable on the SIX Swiss exchange and has been traded there since 1907 when it was formed. Unlike other central banks full of secrecy regarding their shareholders, usually a combination of gov and commercial banks, the Swiss one has its books open. Around 40% of it is owned by the Canton, that being the Swiss government. About 11% is owned by the cantonal banks, this being 27 commercial banks that are owned by the Swiss government. The rest of the 100,000 shares at a nominal price of 250 Swiss franks each, worth about $250, are owned by you and me, if we wanted to as anyone can buy them on the stock exchange like any other company stock. Due to its special nature the private shareholders’ voting rights are limited to 20%. So the ordinary public can have some direct input on…

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