Will Putin Win Again, This Time in Macedonia?

merkel putin jan 2020

Newly self declared dictator Putin has been picking eastern European countries one by one with it now Macedonia to decide if it wants to be a free democracy in a prosperous Europe, or a vassal province under Putin. The close election being held today pits Zoran Zaev, leader of the ruling SDSM, who has taken steps to modernize the economy and bring it closer to Eruopean levels. Against VMRO-DPMNE’s nationalist leader Hristijan Mickoski, who has promised to tear up agreements with neighboring Greece and Bulgaria as well as to obstruct the country’s participation in the European economy, bringing the country effectively under Putin’s rule. This is the latest in an apparent rise of neo-nazism in the until recently war torn region that Russia appears to aim to take once more under its iron fist to feed further the $70 billion estimated wealth of Putin which you would think he has…

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