Will Musk ICO SpaceX?

space x launch international space station may 2020

Elon Musk has overtaken Warren Buffet to make him the 7th richest man on earth at an estimated wealth of $70 billion. Still far below Jeff Bezos’ $189 billion however, and not that much more than his wife who got $60 billion for decorating his bed. Yet the 49 year old Musk is the youngest richest man on earth, with much of it ($55 billion) coming from Tesla which saw its stock price surge. The remaining $15 billion comes from SpaceX, the aerospace company that is transforming the industry and has brought it all very much to life. Europeans are now looking with some awe and jealousy as they saw the first manned flight by a private company to the international space station where there were Americans and Russians, but no French or Germans, not even a Johny English. They have their Ariane, and have finally woken up to the…

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