Why is Bitcoin Rising?

bitcoin bull 2020

Unnoticeably, bitcoin is moving and, what in 2017 felt like the stratosphere, now feels like nothing. This thing was at $3,000 just a few months back in March 2020, and December 2019, with it now at $16,000. Huge increase, but it doesn’t feel like a quick rise. It doesn’t even feel real. It’s like this is normal. This is the least. When the real euphoria, the real stratosphere, the unbelievable price, the up and up everyday, the boredom of saying the new all time high or worse, the boredom of listening to that story about that guy with his castle where he and his crypto rich friends do rich things? To that we have nothing to say because the when is for time to tell, but we have a few theories as to why this is rising. The simplest one is that it fell too much and thus there was…

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