Values Clash as China Censors on American Soil

china re education camps oct 2019

A clash of values is underway as Hong Kong’s fight for democracy goes international following China’s unified state attempt to censor freedom of speech by American citizens in America. A most probably coordinated immediate response to NBA commissioner Adam Silver defending freedom of speech saw Chinese companies in unison cut off relations with NBA. “Dozens of mainland Chinese celebrities – including actor Wu Jinyan and singer Fan Chengcheng – said they would boycott NBA events in China this week,” reports South China Morning Post. Such celebrities presumably paraded like in 1984, toe the line or risk joining Uighur re-education camps (pictured). This in a country where censorship is all pervasive and in a country that demands us, our companies, should bow down to their dictatorial values. They did it to Google, which was forced out, they did it to Facebook and many tech companies, they did it to this space…

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