USA Takes Sides, Backs GNA, Libyan War End in Sight, Will it Affect Bitcoin?


One of the last hot zone in the world may be nearing peace after a victory by the United Nations-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) against Khalifa Haftar led Libyan National Army (LNA). Turkey’s intervention in favor of GNA gave Russia the only loss in battle in living memory in sending away their Wagner mercenaries. What was a very messy picture until now is beginning to gain clarity and thus hope this conflict may come to an end perhaps in this very 2020. This victory by Turkey is said to have elevated considerably their status in the region, that is to the south of Istanbul, giving Turkey some sense of leadership in its much troubled neighborhood. There are rumors they may even get involved in Yemen, the last proper hot zone on earth, with it unclear whether they can restore peace and stability in the Crescent. Egypt may be involved…

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