United States vs Digerati: Cold War 2.0?


It is said the Mayans fell because at the beginning when their best came up with the abstraction of mathematics, they chose base 25 instead of base 10. The best of them realized this fundamental decision had created considerable undesirable complexities, and it would be far better if they could move to base 10, but so much was built upon base 25 that to change it was a monumental task. The same of course applies to our own early civilization. There too, at the beginning, simple math was very complex. But seeing the challenge, the Greeks in particular, and soon after them the Romans and even the early Islamic civilization, did not shy away. Pythagoras is a name known by all as a mathematician, but he was far more. The five angled star was a symbol of a brotherhood of men who stood up when politics interfered with what they…

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