Unaudited Yam Finds Bug

yam farming aug 12 2020

Hours after an Ampleforth like project launched, with the twist being free tokens for liquidity providers to defi projects, a bug has been found in Yam. “We have found a bug in the rebasing contract… all funds in staking contract are safe, as this is an unrelated part of the protocol. User YAM balances are also unaffected,” the project said. But, “rebases following the initial rebase will mint more YAM than intended.” Just hours before, Emin Gun Sirer of Cornell said “this YAM thing has become the biggest talk of the town today. Can’t wait to look through the contract.” It’s not clear currently whether he had a hand in discovering this bug, with no base assets affected according to Yam which said a token holders vote will now take place to fix the matter. To understand the rebase, this is a project that tries to smooth the ups and…

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