Trumpies Chimp on Georgia Flip, Bitcoin Bank Run Incoming?

trumpies protesting biden win nov 2020

A small number of Trump supporters have taken to the street to protest not my president “the lack of transparency in the election,” as Mike Coudrey, an activist, puts it. #StopTheSteal is now being hashed across twitter, with it apparently coordinating some small protests in Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and now maybe even Georgia. Georgia is definitely not blue, some Trumpies said as they watched it flip in the longest election count in living memory. There’s rumors they might even coordinate a bank run. Now that’s a very easy thing to do. Go to Coinbase, press buy bitcoin, wait a bit, and then maybe profit. Bitcoin is out of the banking system as you know, so the above would be a digital bank run in as far as digital fiat goes into digital cash, in bitcoin. Plenty are doing this without quite protesting, except maybe the generally rigged system in…

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