Trump v Biden, The Choice

trump biden

America is to vote for the oldest president in its history, during a time of re-alignment, at the dawn of the space age, and at the beginning of a new tech powered industrial revolution. Regardless of what the polls say, it is probable this will be a very close race for neither candidate is quite appealing and both are very faulty. That that is nonetheless the choice, is yet another indication to this millennial generation of just how far our democracy and our right to representation has fallen. But that’s the choice, a visionless president either way. The dull slow decline of the past, or a quarreling with allies. A sclerotic civil service, or an even more sclerotic one. Choking regulations, or even more new choking ones. The Trump presidency has been eventful. The wars in Arabia maybe have ended, but now we have a war against air. Strauss still…

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