Trivia: The Bitcoin Block Reward of 6.25 BTC Corresponds to the Percentage of Coins (6.25%) Issued This Halving, Same For All Halvings

unknown genius abstract

Who knew that when Satoshi Nakamoto was mining 50 bitcoins per block, he was also mining 50% of all coins to be issued during what was meant to be four years, but turned out to be three years because hashrate increased quickly. Likewise for the following four years after 2012, 25% of all coins was distributed while miners were receiving 25 bitcoins per block. Now more than a decade on, only 6.25% are to be distributed over the next four years through miners receiving 6.25 bitcoins per block. Symmetry is beauty the ancients said, and here we have both. What’s more, it is also the case that only 6.25% of the total supply will be issued during bitcoin’s entire lifetime after this halving period ends. Someone did the maths: “For Bitcoin: BRo=50, NB=210,000 (number of blocks in a reward period) Total number of coins (NC): NC= BRo x NB +…

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