Thousands of Executives to Attend MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Conference

michael saylor microstrategy

MicroStrategy is to open source their bitcoin playbook in one of the most important conference in bitcoin’s history to be held next month on February 3rd at 12:00 to 4:45 pm EST with Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s CEO, stating: “We’re going to have thousands of executives, officers and directors and advisors of corporations coming together in the first week of February and they all want to figure out how to plug bitcoin into their balance sheet, their PnL. We’re going to publish our playbook. All of our accounting guidance, our legal guidance, all the work we did over the course of months in order to get ready to do this as a publicly traded company. We’re going to open source it, make it available to everybody with the thought of saving each of them millions of dollars and weeks if not months in order to make this an easier transition.” Making…

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