There’s a Debate Goin on Regarding Bitcoin Perpetual Inflation Says Lightning Network Proponent

pierre rochard sep 2019

“There’s an open question of will transaction fees be high enough – or in the aggregate total – enough to provide transaction finality?” So says Pierre Rochard, founder of a consulting firm Bitcoin Advisory and a self-proclaimed power user of the Lightning Network. That was after highlighting a sentence from the bitcoin whitepaper where bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, says fees will pay for security once no new bitcoins are issued. The above has “turned into a major controversy,” Rochard said, because there’s a debate going on whether fees will be sufficient or “will bitcoin have to hard fork in inflation?” – he asks. In this presentation at the Baltic Honeybadger, Rochard does not answer the question, but appear to somewhat subtly imply the latter. He first tells the audience to dismiss “altcoiners,” the “them,” and when focusing on the “us,” he says there’s a lack of data on what it’s…

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