The Stock Market vs Bitcoin and Ethereum, Who’s Gonna Win?

bankers trading abstract

Goldman Sachs, responsible for much of the American and global economy, is worth just $67 billion in market cap. Snapchat, responsible for the time-wasting of penniless teenagers, is worth $33 billion in market cap. Ethereum, responsible for literally giving you free money in flashloans if you know how to Solidity, is worth $25 billion. And bitcoin, the first debt free money since Abraham Lincoln’s greenbacks, is worth about a tenth of Google, the advertising company. We may be a bit biased but there’s something very wrong isn’t there with a company that makes $8.5 billion in profits every year, Goldman Sachs, being worth only twice as much as a company that loses a quarter of a billion every quarter, Snapchat. Google makes quite a bit of profit, about $10 billion a quarter, but it is worth far more than the entire American banking system combined despite just four banks making…

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