The Return of the BCH Gang?

bch gang

After a period of much difficulty due to internal splits that led to yet another new coin late last year, BCH has managed to continue standing. Dismissed by plenty and even written off, the coin has something others don’t quite have. That dream of on-chain, peer to peer, mainstream payments. Bitcoin’s stagnation, due to what now most think is primarily to serve Blockstream’s business of selling their own services, is soon to turn the currency into more of a banking interface than an open blockchain. That’s after Bakkt laid out their vision of basically becoming a bank like intermediary where individuals deposit their coins there and can pay merchants only with coins already deposited. Making it BitPay, but instead of on-chain payments they’re Bakkt database payments, so going around the scalability limitations, but also arguably reducing considerably the peer to peer aspect where payments are concerned. Individuals presumably will still…

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