The ProgPoW Team Now Apparently Planning to Chain-Split Ethereum Prior to Constantinople

An anonymous individual going by the name of “Ikmyeong Na,” who says he is a ProgPoW developer and worked on it for months, has stated an Ethereum ProgPoW node has been launched with the aim of chain-spliting ethereum before or at the time of Constantinople in three days. He or she says: “Ethereum ProgPoW project started to create an alternative ethereum node with native ProgPoW adoption, based on Geth, the most famous ethereum client and the work base from Holiman from ethereum foundation.” He further says “I started to create a codebase of Ethereum ProgPoW since last October,” and “we’ve excluded Constantinople support from the codebase.” That means this new coin would have higher inflation if it gains any traction as they’re apparently keeping the three eth per block reward despite ethereum reaching general consensus to lower it to two. Constantinople, in addition, has a number of other nice featured…

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