The ProgPoW Team Admits They’re Working With Nvidia and AMD

After we detailed accusations of corporate favoritism by a team behind a proposed ethereum Proof of Work (PoW) change, the semi-anonymous ProgPow team has now effectively admitted they’re working with both Nvidia and AMD. Someone called “IfDefElse” says: “We were lucky enough to have an email review that included engineers from the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Core Devs, Nvidia and AMD. The Nvidia and AMD engineers gave the algorithm a generally positive review.” They do not state what the feedback was from the Ethereum Foundation or “core devs.” Nor do they say who those core devs were. Of AMD, they say: “AMD’s response addressed two major concerns: If the Ethash PoW algorithm was replaced with ProgPoW, wouldn’t ASIC manufacturers be able to quickly look at the open source code, and create a specialized ASIC to mimic it? Would ProgPoW make it more difficult for GPU miners to mine on Ethereum? An…

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