The Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Launches in Two Weeks

ethereum abstract july 2020

The final ethereum 2.0 public testnet is to launch on August 4th at 1 or 2PM London time according to Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator. In a public statement in the testnets discussion board following the announcement of the attacknet on Monday, Ryan said: “After discussions with client teams, the next multi-client testnet (mainnet config including min validator numbers) will have a min genesis time of aug 4 (likely 1 or 2pm utc). We’ll also be showcasing ‘Launchpad’ on this net, the educational deposit interface aimed at hobbyists. I expect the deposit contract and config to be made public in next couple of days. Note, ‘min genesis time’ is approximately the time the network will start if min validator deposits are made prior to 48 hours before that time. Otherwise, the time will be triggered by meeting the min validator count whenever it does.” The deposit contract interface has…

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