The Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Launch is Now Imminent

ethereum 2.0 staking abstract

The deposit contract to stake on the new Proof of Stake ethereum 2.0 blockchain is now imminent according to Ben Edgington, an ethereum 2.0 dev at PegaSys. “As I understand it, we are good to go: deposit contract in the next few days; beacon chain genesis 6-8 weeks later. (This is not an official statement!),” he said. The Zinken dry run of the ethereum 2.0 launch has successfully completed, with Edgington stating: “It wasn’t perfect, but went smoothly enough for us to turn our thoughts now towards the real thing.” The full on Medalla testnet was running for weeks without problems, but the new Zinken dry run seems to have led to lower participation in Medalla, or people got bored. In any event, the problems there appear to be more due to the fact that people are staking on Medalla with fake money, so there isn’t much you can do…

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