The Counter Revolution, Can it Win?

french counter revolution

The people have been put in their place by the ‘simple’ act of a centralized app abusing its trust to go against all written and unwritten contractual agreements with its customers. Rising on the back of century old memes by evoking the tale of Robinhood, the masses came to play with the tune of rightousness. Naked short selling is illegal. Coopted SEC does nothing about it nor any agency of the government, but the people generally do not like cheating, certainly not when it comes at the expense of 40,000 GameStop employees that were being driven to bankruptcy. It doesn’t stop there. To Wall Street and TV media, things like Blackberry or Nokia are dead. Of the past. Buy Apple or Microsoft their endless chorus instead, despite these companies surpassing 2 trillion, in combination accounting for some 30% of EU’s GDP. Yet Blackberry has been innovating, announcing a deal with…

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