Tether Prints $5 Billion in Two Weeks

tether market cap jumps sep 2020

Tether’s market cap has shot up to near $15 billion with some $5 billion of it printed just this month. This huge jump in USDt is the biggest ever, with Tether now overtaking in market cap plenty of well known global companies. It has also overtaken the third biggest crypto once again, Ripple, which sits at $11 billion. Bitcoin is now closing in on $200 billion, with those trading volumes largely fake as they probably stand at around $20 billion. ETH is now above $40 billion, with a potential competitor, Polkadot, being the newest to enter rankings. BCH is in some trouble. Rows over how to fund development have seemingly led to a complete mess with bitcoiners maybe getting their way to send this coin to irrelevance as apparently they’re thinking of yet another chainsplit. YFI couldn’t fit in the above screenshot but this has now become the most valuable…

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