Tesla Winner Flashed on Video Before Draw, Just a Glitch Says Justin Sun

justin sun tesla winner glitch march 2019 768x420

Tron’s founder Justin Sun ostensibly held a Tesla giveaway with the lucky winner to be picked from those who follow and retweet him. The “winner” was picked yesterday in a video where Sun uses TWrench for the draw. Sun then shows the site picking someone called Uzgaroth. https://twitter.com/uzgaroth/status/1111079299967344640 Within a few hours it was shown that there were quite a few problems with this draw, including suggestions that it appears to be fake not least because Uzgaroth’s twitter page flashed on screen about a minute or so before the actual draw. 1/ So @justinsuntron did 88 draws using the Tesla giveaway tweet – 1st draw (from @Tronfoundation acct) was on March 26th at 12:44am. Winner from that draw was @kozmenko2017, a bot – Draws 2 – 88 were done anonymously but from ip hashes/time stamps were clearly the same person pic.twitter.com/nV6gXgYQSQ — John Galt (@CryptoJohnGalt) March 28, 2019 In acknowledging…

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