SWB Pumps Doge and XRP

crytos art abstract feb 2021

A subreddit that has been growing very quickly has managed to meme doge to the moon and now appear to be pumping the SEC rekt XRP. r/SatoshiStreetBets, which we are shorting to SWB, has now reached 230,000 new users from barely 10,000 a week ago. More importantly, there are 7,800 active users right now on the sub, almost as much as on r/bitcoin. For months some cryptonians have been trying to emulate WSB, but without much success. However following the GME retardness, the sub has been flooded alongside r/ethtrader due to donuts which 10xed during the weekend. For SWB, both XRP and doge have jumped, with XRP rising from about 30 cent to 45 cent at some point while doge has reached a $5 billion market cap. Uniswap has risen above $5 billion too, but that is more due to a boom goin on in decentralized finance (defi) which has…

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