Sushi Migration All Set

sushi migration contract code sep 2020

Chef Nomi has set in action a number of operations that are for the first time in history to mass migrate tokens from one dapp to a very new one. The trigger transaction made 12 hours ago at the time of writing sets in motion a number of irreversible actions that order the tokens and cryptos to, through code, be subject to new code, which in this case is a copy clone of Uniswap. This on the surface most simple display hides immense complexity for it sets a 48 hour period when nothing can be done (except withdraw) and more importantly, it says after that 48 hour period, this (code featured image) will be the migration contract: We’re not great at reading code, but this looks like the github published contract, which has been audited. In addition, in the series of events, the SushiSwap ‘Staking’ Pool is to become the…

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