Space Mining Bitcoin, Academics on the Blockchain, Bitfury, Alibaba, And More on News of News

“A helium-filled balloon was used to lift the Space Minor One capsule to this great height. When the capsule passed through the troposphere — roughly 3.7 to 6.2 miles above earth — the ASIC activated and the satellite phone was used to communicate with the internet. The balloon continued to grow — reaching over 10 meters in diameters at its largest — as it ascended to the stratosphere due to falling air pressure.” With too many bitcoin mining farms here on earth, space is always an option. We joke of course, anything for a jab at Elon Musk. “Peerwith is an online peer-to-peer marketplace for scientists and researchers. It describes itself as Uber for academics. It’s goal is to simplify the process for academics, researchers, editors, writers and translators to find and work with each other. It has managed to attract a number of universities and publishers to its plans…

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