Social Volumes “Capitulate” While Ethereum Google Searches Reach Their Lowest in Nearly Three Years

ethereum social sentiment oct 2019

Google searches for ethereum have never been lower since February 2017, standing at 3 out of 100 in the United States. Worldwide they stand at 5 out of 100, again the lowest level in nearly three years while the 100 peak was in December 2017, almost two years ago. Social volumes have also capitulated according to analysis from Santiment, a crypto data analytics company. Their spokesman says there’s a certain pattern and an apparent correlation between social volumes and price. He claims chatter about ethereum reaches a peak when price peaks either temporarily or more long term, with chatter then reaching a low when price reaches a local or more long term low. Referring to the above chart, the analyst says: “as indicated by these descending arrows, social volume (or the amount of online hype and discussion surrounding a given coin) generally peaks at tops and bottoms of price movements…

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