Shanghai Stocks Fall, CNY Weakens, as Pompeo Declares New Cold War

pompeo china speech july 2020

The orchestra of rhetorics is playing full swing with America seemingly furious while the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) apparently sees them as ants trying to shake a big tree, that being a Chinese idiom. China changes or it changes us, Michael Richard Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, said in a speech that the Chinese appear to have not heard at all for soon after they closed an American consulate in the Sichuan region. There are suggestions Chinese authorities required American diplomats in Wuhan be searched if they want to return to the consulate, with that apparently being a measure to contain this pandemic. Americans clearly saw it differently, closing the Houston consulate in a tit for tat. So getting back another tit for tat from China. Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, has been touring his own country. Why, asked Indian media, there’s no elections in China. No formal elections,…

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