Serious Correction For Bitcoin, ETH, Cryptos Says This Week’s TA

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Bitcoin is experiencing a serious correction. Presently, it preserves the potential for the decline to $9,900, from where the quotations may form a new wave of growth, realizing the reversal pattern. It is important for the “digital gold” not to fall below $9,000; such a scenario implies further descending correction. There is still pressure on other altcoins, reversal Head and Shoulders patterns forming on the Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash; in case these assets renew the minimums, they may demonstrate a steep decline. At the same time, EOS and Ethereum are conversely aiming at a good bounce upwards after another wave of descending correction. Bitcoin The leading digital asset is correcting, forming an upside-down Head and Shoulders pattern. The key support line is at $9,115. A breakthrough of this area will signify an escape from the ascending channel and a further decline with the aim at $7,475. As the main trading…

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