Rochester Institute of Technology Invests in a Tokenized VC Fund


The Rochester Institute of Technology, a private university in New York with 19,000 students, has become the first of its kind to invest in a new tokenized fund. Investment firm Cosimo Ventures said they received a seven-figure investment from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) into its new, blockchain-focused tokenized fund, COSIMO X. This tokenized fund is a traditional Venture Capital (VC) fund, but with a twist in regards to how you can invest in it. Usually if you are an accredited investor you can give some of your savings to a VC firm to invest it in startups to hopefully grow the invested capital. The same is the case here, but they provide a Cosmos token as well which is backed by these invested funds. The token can be sold and bought on a Securitize powered platform on their website by institutions, international investors, and US accredited investors, so making…

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