Reichstag Stormed While the World Rises in Protest

reichstag stormed aug 29 2020 768x414

Germany’s iconic building and current parliament has been stormed by protesters against pandemic measures. Following a 2km stretch of people from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column, videos now show a gathering in front of Germany’s parliament as protesters were able to open the police guarded barricades. Germany’s chancellor for the past nearly two decades, Angela Merkel, has warned that the pandemic impositions are expected to continue for a long time with the media speculating you can get it again after you got it once, suggesting a vaccine would be useless. You now have to provide the most intimate details of your phone through a QR scan, as well as name and address, before entering a pub, restaurant, caffe, or other relaxing places. Face masks are apparently becoming compulsory in France, with diktats changing by the day in a way most of us don’t even know until you try…

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