Prysm Reaches 50% of Ethereum 2.0 Nodes

ethereum2.0 validators jan 2021

One client seems to be dominating ethereum 2.0 according to Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator. “According to some estimates, Prysm nodes account for at least 50% of mainnet nodes, and although this does not map 1:1 to the amount of stake being secured by each client, it is likely directionally representative,” Ryan says, further adding: “With four production mainnet clients, the ideal distribution is closer to equal weight (25%) across all clients, and certainly less than 50% for any one client. Given the state of eth2 clients, this is achievable, but it will take the concerted effort of community members and institutional stakers to seek out and adopt the clients with lower shares of the network.” The problem appears to be the lack of any easily accessible data on just what client has what share. We’re told there have been numerous breakdown of client shares, but they vary considerably.…

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