Protests Spread to Germany, Russia, Israel, India, Brazil, Riots Break Out in France

americans protesting against lockdown april 2020

The world is rising with thousands gathered in Berlin, Dresden and other German cities to protest against what some are now calling tyranny. Incredible footage shows heavy handed treatment by the police, with a woman dragged shouting in an echo: Hitler, Hitler! Three police officers wearing dehumanizing masks drag a man into a van with some force while keeping no social distance. In Israel they were forced to wear masks which an American protester described as symbolizing your loss of free speech. They were also forced to keep “social distancing” of an arbitrary two meters with protest organizers required to mark spots where protesters can stand. All very much reminiscent of well known tactics by dictators who ask people to do arbitrary things just so that they’re constantly reminded they are under tyranny. In India there was no distancing. Packed crowds with scattered masks stood instead shoulder to shoulder in…

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