ProgPoW Dev Admits Nvidia Gear Performs Better Under the Proposed New Algo

An anonymous individual going by the name of Ikmyeong Na has stated Nvidia gear would perform better under ProgPoW, but that’s not the intended design. Speaking in broken English as he claims to be South Korean, Ikmyeong said: “It looks like cause AMD gets a lower hash than Nvidia, but it doesn’t mean the algo is for Nvidia. Think of why AMD gets more hashrate than CPU. AMD still works fine however due to GPU core usage it don’t get any benefit from ProgPoW mine like we did for Ethash.” Asked: “So it is true that ProgPoW favors Nvidia?” – Ikmyeong says: “No Nvidia is being too good for ProgPoW. That’s all. And if AMD releases their card with better GPU core usage it will overcome Nvidia cards. Meaning there is no reason to benefit specific brand of cards, we don’t optimise our algoritms to be better for specific GPU…

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