Peter Schiff Says He Was Wrong About Bitcoin

peter schiff

One of bitcoin’s biggest critic and a prominent gold bug, has come out to publicly say he was wrong about bitcoin after years of dissing the digital gold. “I was wrong about Bitcoin,” Peter Schiff said on April the second Australia time, sending off crypto twitter aflair. “So many of us appreciate and respect you and your work, it would be good to see a vid with your analysis that lead to this statement, your view going forward. BTW I still firmly believe that ‘all that glitters in not gold’ Thank you sir,” John Williamson said. Another one asked Schiff to turn his tweet into an NFT to make some crypto money. Among other things, he founded Schiff Gold and is a precious metals dealer, but after a successful career he has seen gold’s price drastically fall more recently as bitcoin starts replacing it in its role of acting as…

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