PayPal Volumes Spike to $240 Million

paypal bitcoin volumes jan 2021

Bitcoin volumes on PayPal have doubled to $240 million a day this Monday, an all time high for the platform which just recently launched bitcoin buying and selling. Such volumes started off at $20 million in November, crossing $100 million in December, and now are nearing $250 million as the public starts investing in bitcoin once more. The volatile currency has seen its first big correction since the bull run, dropping from $42,000 to now circa $34,000. That has sent Coinbase’s volumes to $10 billion even as the crypto exchange experienced a glitch which prevented bitcoin buying, now fixed. Stock traded products have also seen volumes jump, with CoinShare stating they passed $200 million a day last week. The ETP provider had $2.8 billion under management on January 4th, with it increasing to $3.4 billion just four days later. So indicating a growing interest in bitcoin and other cryptos with…

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