One Million Brits Have Bought Bitcoin and Ethereum Since Last Year Says FCA

cryptos uk fca june 2020

The number of British bitcoiners, ethereans and other cryptonians has almost doubled since last year according to UK’s Financial Conducts Authority (FCA). They say 2.6 million British people have bought cryptos at some point, making it close to 10% of UK’s working population. This 2.6 million is a 1.1 million increase since last year when FCA completed a face-to-face survey. In addition, close to 2 million Brits currently hold cryptos, they say, and one million of them have more than £260 in bitcoin, eth or other cryptos. “This FCA report reveals the increasing popularity of cryptoassets among the UK consumer population,” FCA’s Interim Executive Director of Strategy and Competition, Sheldon Mills, said. The majority of British cryptonians “are generally knowledgeable about the product, are aware of the lack of regulatory protection afforded and understand the risk of price volatility,” FCA said. The last British government set up a Taskforce together…

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