Nouriel Roubini Comes Out as Satoshi Nakamoto, Signs with Private Key

nouriel roubini

Bitcoin’s biggest critic and the world renown economist Nouriel Roubini is Satoshi Nakamoto, our months long investigation can reveal. Presented with indisputable evidence, Roubini said in an e-mail exchange: “You got me.” Explaining why he has been so vocal against bitcoin, he said: “Chiefly because I did not want people to think in any way it was me, and because bitcoin has to stand up to scrutiny to level up.” Roubini said he saw the coming banking crash “as I famously predicted,” so he felt he had the responsibility to “save the world” because no one else believed the banking system was to collapse. He then started searching online for any way to create hard money in a digital form that is outside the banking system. “I’m an economist, I know money very well,” he said. “So I wanted to recreate in this new digital medium the most perfect money…

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