Nigeria’s SEC on Bitcoin: “The World Cannot Be Moving Forward and We Will Be Static”

nigeria sec

Pressure is mounting on Nigeria’s central bank (CBN) after it suddenly announced a blockade on cryptos with it now stating they’re going to commence market research in collaboration with Nigeria’s SEC and others. Speaking at the Association of Capital Market Academics of Nigeria (ACMAN) in Abuja on Sunday, Kevin Amugo, Director for Financial Policy at CBN said: “The committee on cryptocurrency headed by the National Security Adviser and members EFCC, NFIU, SEC, NAICOM and all regulators are to strategize and come up with a national position not a monetary policy position. Because of the interest crypto has generated, I think it is high time we reconvened and ensure that we take a national position, so that what is issued is a national position not a CBN or SEC position. We are engaging internationally and locally to ensure that we come out with a harmonised and implementable position.” A spokesperson for…

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