NFT Poem Sells For $75,000

nft poem april 2021

An NFT by Instagraming instapoet Arch Hades has sold for $75,000 on Nifty Gateway, just one of the new platforms for the booming new medium. It’s part of a collection with singer Rac and designer Andrés Reisinger with 75 niftty postcards sold out. Each postcard contains a unique one minute song by Rac, making this the first prominent poem to be sold as n NFT. It says little: “You sing a song that only I can hear / And you, the only one, who hears mine.” Something a more traditional poet, Rebecca Watts, might describe as “such stuff as madmen tongue, and brain not; the product of a ‘(mind)’ with a limited grasp of denotation and the ways in which words can be combined to form meaningful phrases.” Hades is also on Zora, another new NFT platform, and there she has just two NFTs each containing a sentence. So not…

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