New Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Successfully Launches

ethereum 2.0 testnet launches nov 20 2020

Just days to go before a possible launch of the ethereum 2.0 genesis block, a new testnet has gone live without a hitch. Some 3.2 million testnet eth and more than 100,000 validators are now staking on it, showing significant demand to test the new Proof of Stake ethereum blockchain which is expected to go out imminently. Named Pyrmont, the testnet may continue being of use even after the live launch, but especially now as people get ready to stake the real thing. 113,248 eth has been deposited to stake on the live network, a sufficient number according to devs who have stated they will wait until January if the minimum is not met, and then just launch by removing the minimum requirement. Expectations are high the minimum of ◊524,288 will be met this weekend or by Monday, in which case the genesis block will go out on December first.…

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