New Accounts Flooding R/BTC Says Mod Amid Dev Funding “Debate”

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A moderator of one of Bitcoin Cash’s most prominent discussion space stated he has noticed a “huge uptick” in new accounts since a proposal was announced to fund devs through block rewards for six months. “Over the past few days I too have noticed a huge uptick in these sorts of accounts (throwaways, unused, new or never before seen, etc) to try to sway the narrative,” BitcoinXio says. That’s while the sub’s front page was covered with discussions on a proposal by miners to donate $6 million to developers by giving them 12.5% of each block for six months after the halvening. Some BCH holders did not like the idea of orphaning blocks, but it appears this will be implemented as a hard fork through protocol changes. In that case, there won’t be any orphaning as such, more of an upgrade which everyone has to opt into. So suggesting the…

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