Miners Empty Block Bitcoin Cash Chain-Split Coin

bcha hash distribution nov 2020

The newest coin to come out of a split in Bitcoin Cash, BCHA, is seeing a denial of service attack of sorts as an unknown miner, which appears to have 80% of the hash, is mining blocks without including any transaction save for the block reward transaction (coinbase). That means people have to wait a lot longer for a transaction to happen, but that’s all that is happening here so far. They’re not attempting to double spend their own coins, which they could well do, but in a coinbase message they say “Nov 25th 2020: BCHA dump.” That means the attacker is most likely someone from BCHN, the new client now coin which managed to kick out the BitcoinABC client, now BCHA coin, over mundane technical disagreements as well as over a disagreement in regards to how to fund development.BCH miners proposed the idea of development being funded by a…

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