MetaMask Surpasses One Million Users

metamask user growth oct 2020

The ethereum blockchain connector MetaMask has grown 4x since last year, surpassing one million users for the first time. “We believe this is a critical milestone for the whole ecosystem we serve,” Talia Knowles-Rivas of MetaMask said. America, India, Nigeria and the Philippines are the top countries in volume for MetaMask Mobile which has recently launched. This astonishing increase in users appears to be primarily due to the rise of decentralized finance (defi) as MetaMask’s user growth seemingly correlates with the growth of locked assets in defi. The year for MetaMask opened as usual, rising to 300,000 users where it remained until April when it gradually began rising to 400,000 up to June. In June then growth accelerates, with MetaMask seeing a sharp increase during summer to above one million users. They do not specify how they count users, but presumably it’s by installs which means there would be significant…

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