Markets Rocked by Lockdown Nation

xi communist fist

Complete red greets markets today as investors are faced with difficult decisions amid a marching continental lockdown in a repeating concert. All are holding their breath for Emmanuel Macron’s address to the nation. He is expected to order a house arresting lockdown. Schools will remain open they say but not secondary schools and higher with this potentially the first country to total lockdown. Wales has already locked up. “People have been told to stay at home and only leave for essential food, medication or to take exercise among other limited exceptions,” CNN reports. Germany has gone for a soft lockdown for now, while in UK barbers will remain open, but restrictions continue to be imposed across the continent. Walter Ricciardi, an adviser to Italy’s health minister, called for an immediate shutdown of the city. “In Milan you can catch the virus by simply entering a café or getting on a…

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