Markets Rise But Nervousness Grows Amid Politics Over Chloroquine

crypto prices march 25 2020

Dow rose as much as another 5% today, but seems to have cooled off somewhat to 2.5% as peculiar politics develops over a potential treatment with hydroxychloroquine. Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak has signed an emergency order banning the use of this potential treatment for someone who has coronavirus. This astonishing political interference in the medical profession by the Democrat Governor was under the excuse of dealing with “facts, not fiction,” and because this politician says there’s no cure. In regards to a cure, he is technically correct, there isn’t a known cure, but there is lifesaving treatment for some who develop serious complications due to corona. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and clearly now there’s significant politics with peoples lives, but most know you can’t get much more trustworthy than Elesvier. They say: “Antiviral medications are not recommended for use in young, healthy patients with mild symptoms and…

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