Manhunt in Europe! Germany on the Chase of Wirecard’s Jan Marsalek, Russia’s GRU Allegedly Hiding Him, Bitcoined “From Dubai to Russia”

jan marsalek

‘World’s most wanted man’ was the opening of an investigative report by Bellingcat which claims to use digital data to piece together events. The report published this Saturday says Jan Marsalek (pictured), the COO of Wirecard since 2010, had lied about going to the Philippines after his disappearance late last month following the eruption of Germany’s and Europe’s biggest financial scandal after auditors confirmed $2 billion was missing from Wirecard. After inspecting arrival and departure databases from FlighRadar, Flighstats and FlightAware, the Bellingcat reporters concluded he had gone to Belarus. Today it was revealed Russia wasn’t very sure about their ally, presumably because pro democracy and liberty forces have been rising in Belarus which has been ruled by Aleksander Lukashenka for the past 25 years. As such, according to Germany’s financial paper Handelsblatt, Russia’s new KGB, GRU, brought him into Russia proper. They say Jan Marsalek “is said to be…

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