Lost Decade in Stocks Coming Says Bloomberg While Bitcoin Rises

dollar velocity oct 2020 1

America’s main financial paper has warned millennials should prepare for a lost decade in US stock markets. Columnist Chris Bryant reminds readers that for example UK’s benchmark of main stocks is lower now than it was two decades ago, while Japan’s is -40%. The same can happen to US stocks, he says, and he argues it is actually something that should be expected: “Value-orientated asset managers like GMO’s Jeremy Grantham think something similar could happen again, but it’s not just well-known Cassandras who worry. Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates and Blackstone’s vice chairman Tony James have both warned about a ‘lost decade’ for equity investors,” he says. Why? The game is up and everyone knows it: Fed is out of ammo. There’s no one left to prop up the artificial stock market restricted to a few monopoly companies through a discriminatory century old act, the Securities Act…

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