Litecoin Jumps as it Halves

litecoin abstract

Litecoin has risen by about 10% today from circa $94 to a brief $107 before standing at $102 at the time of writing. That’s on increased unfiltered volumes of circa $3.5 billion, with the copy clone of bitcoin once more seeing some green. Litecoin has been up and up since December, rising by about 7x to $140 in June before then halving to $70 last month, to then turn green again. The mini-bull run to June was primarily due to the Litecoin halvening which has now been completed. At block 1,680,000, found at 3AM London time this Monday, miners were given only 12.5 LTC, slashed in half from the 25 LTC they received the previous block. This is only the second halving for litecoin, with it performing today what bitcoin did in 2016. Like bitcoin, litecoin too has a fixed limit of 100 million algorithmically set with bitcoin itself now…

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