Kids Now “Mining” Dai For a Vanity “Address”

Some want diamond rings, others like a fine watch. In this space, all an etherean wants is 8008135. Kids are here, so for anyone who can’t 1337, what’s special about 8008135 is that everyone loves them and most of us were fed from them. The haxor that has opened close to 5,000 Collateralized Debt Positions (CDP) in dai, however, is probably not quite aiming for such a high number. His aim is instead probably a far lesser 13370. Then, when he gets called out of whale position or adds more funds or whatever, the little ethereans will say leet did this or leet did that to the pleasure of the whale’s ego. All here so being open source with the show freely available for all to see, such tiny things, like a CPD number, clearly matters to someone. For the privilege he is paying a transaction fee every time he…

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