Kevin Hart Goes From Voodoo Bitcoin Money to “It’s Legit” in 20 Seconds

kevin hart bitcoin

One of America’s most famous comedian, Kevin Hart, has given us what may well become an iconic TV moment for it encapsulates something about the advancement of the still new cryptocurrency technology. Speaking live during a telethon fundraiser, actor Jay Ellis has someone on the phone, and says to him/her ok let’s ask Kev: “Hey Kev, I got someone who wants to know if we do bitcoin, ethereum, or any cryptocurrency?” “If we do… if we do what?” – says Kev. “I don’t take that… that voodoo money. WE DON’T TAKE THE VOODOO! OK? So if you’re out there trying to give us the voodoo money, we don’t…” “What?” – Kev then asks as he is seemingly interrupted by his earpiece. “We do take the voodoo?” “We do take… hold on, this is actually, hold on Jay don’t hang up.” Then turning to the audience: “I’m being told that we…

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